The First Few Days in St. Lucia…


One of the first things we are taught to do is to commit ourselves to the place we are sent. John Paul II, the great missionary Pope was known for his embracing the places he went in this way. (this is behind our residence)


Here we are with Archbishop Rivas, Mr. Frank Summers (one of the founders of Family Missions Company), Sr. Rosemary (a medical student from Tanzania) staying with the Carmelite Sisters that are hosting us on the bottom floor of their convent.

You can also see Sr. Mary Phillip with us and Sidney our mission partner. Our little chapel is, through the gate around our residence about 50 meters down a slight slope.

A very interesting fact about the house we are staying in: it was originally intended by the Bishop as a house for…..wait for it…….Missionaries! This is one of those things that teaches us that just because we feel we are to do something for God, for a certain purpose, and it does not happen in our timeline….well that does not mean we were wrong when we tried to do what we felt the Lord was asking us. We may not have understood His timeline or maybe He just did not tell us His exact plans, but He just wants us to do what we understand to be His will and keep seeking Him.


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