Desert Day

In our training with Family Missions Company, we are taught to make sure that one day a week we take off and get away from our home, ministries and have a day of recollection and fun.  We are very thankful for the wisdom of this.  Everyday, except one, we have some sort of ministry and it is nice to have a day to look forward to to spend with just the family and our missionary partner Sidney.  We have not always been able to go off premises for this day, but we hope to make this day our “beach day”.

The name comes from FMC’s mission base in General Cepeda, Mexico.  There, they literally go into the desert as a mission team.  Each person finds a spot where they can be by themselves.  They pack a lunch, bring their Bible and a journal and spend time asking the Lord to speak to them.  After at least an hour, everyone comes together and shares what they feel like the Lord spoke to them.

Here are a couple of posts from some of our other missionaries and their experiences on a desert day. James and Erika

And here is our Desert DayBeach Day 4-5-11 057

We left the house at 8:30 and walked for an hour.  Usually the walk is only 45 minutes but we had a couple of rain showers that we took cover for

When we arrived, we gathered everyone together to pray morning prayers.

Then we let them loose to play for a few hours.

Beach Day 4-5-11 060Beach Day 4-5-11 061

Beach Day 4-5-11 067 Beach Day 4-5-11 064

Beach Day 4-5-11 049 Beach Day 4-5-11 075

Beach Day 4-5-11 082 Beach Day 4-5-11 069

Then we gave them their lunch before they set out on their own for their time of prayer.

Beach Day 4-5-11 079 Beach Day 4-5-11 080

Around 2pm we packed up and got a bus ride home. As part of our evening prayers we each shared what the Lord had been speaking about.    



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