Visit to Canaries

    149                     Since arriving in St. Lucia we have had quite a few             opportunities to meet very wonderful people. About a couple of months ago, we attended a 100 year parish celebration of their Church building, in Chioseul, located in the south of the Island. During the reception we met Fr. Will.  Fr. Will, originally from Canada,  came to his vocation as a priest later in life and intended to be a hermit. As there is a need for priests, the Archbishop has placed him at St. Anthony’s in Canaries. We hope to have time to do some ministry with Fr. Will later this year. As a way to get to know our Mission Team, he came up to Castries and had lunch with us then took Sid, Mia, Peter, and I down with him for Mass, Bible Study , and a Supper. Father wanted to show us a nice beach on the trip down. Here are some pictures from the day.117122







138               144






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