Vieux-Fort Mission Part 3

       At the end of my last post I was talking about how the paths a trails feel like you are walking in someone’s back yard so in this post there is a video attached. This may give you a little better idea of the feel of the cities here.

    Later Wednesday: In anticipation of working on Ms. Beebe’s house I brought from Castries some of the tools I have been able to purchase due to some of benefactors feeling led to send money for me to fix the basketball court and do work at the Marian Home. Some we have purchased ourselves, but the beautiful thing about Missions is that possession are not really yours, it is not practical to bring them home, so when we move on we are able to bless people by giving our stuff away! Praise the Lord! I was feeling the itch to do something constructive and noticed a small table falling a part and the Sisters had some plywood……                                


This is Isaac’s first carpentry project with Dad!

Sr. Mary Lee has a friend who had her 75th birthday. Peter volunteered to make the cake while Sr. went to work and they delivered it when she returned. There are many Catholic Schools here and Sr. Mary Lee goes around to the schools in the southern part of St. Lucia and does testing and reading evaluation and improvement. Sr. has been taking one of the kids each day with her. What a blessing for our little missionaries!



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