Vieux-Fort part 4


When we were in Vieux-Fort I had intended to finish the blog series about our time there, but the day after we got back we started to receive the group for the SSME. The Summer School of Missionary Evangelism went great! We can accommodate visitors easily in this house. Then I downloaded the pictures onto my computer and did not save them, then thinking I had saved them I deleted the memory card, bur if you friend Sid Savoie, our mission partner, just click on his name, he has tons of pictures. wait…wait I found them! well some of them…. Before we left to come to our mission post Lora’s parents blessed us with two new laptops. So I had put them on the other computer and in the kids login Smile  So this blog post will have some pictures.


              This picture was taken as a storm was rolling in

    So our time in Vieux-Fort ended well.  There was a point in our time in Vieux-Fort when I did not think we would get anything done as far as the service project Sr. Marylee had organized there, (paint Mrs. Beebe’s house, fix her roof, and if we had time build a ramp for our friend Moses) but God’s providence is always in control, not me or my imaginations of how things show transpire. God is awesome and the point is that ALL those things got done and a few other things, like cutting a 20” log off the Sister’s fence with a Stanley, Short cut hand saw. Yep that made me smile.

002 008

                this was the first time I mixed concrete on the ground

   The day after we got back the SSME coordinators arrived as we were putting the mission house back together(we had to put all our stuff in one room while the other mission team stayed in the mission house). Their arrival added 5 to our numbers but one was a baby Smile. Speaking of baby Anthony, my two regrets of the SSME are, not practicing the guitar with Joseph Summers enough and not holding his baby son Anthony enough.


  I found this interesting picture from the first few days of having the group here. Peter enjoyed it so much he learned how to fly Smile, though not high enough to dunk! I plan to post more about the Summer School later on.