leaving St. Lucia in 2 weeks

Some of you may have heard that we are leaving St. Lucia. We will be flying out on the 20th of September. We have been feeling the Lord stirring in our hearts that a change was coming. Spontaneously on the Feast of the Assumption, we decided to have a family retreat asking the Lord what did He want from us. After a week of praying as a family we believe the Lord is calling us not only back to the states but home to Oregon to be with family for a few months. We have not been in Oregon for almost two years and most of our family is there. Then at the end of November we will head back to Louisiana to our mission base and attend the “Year-End-Review” and then begin to pray and discern what is the Lord’s will for us next and where He will send us. 

Our family has been so blessed during our time here and we have grown much closer the Lord and each other. The children have experienced Priests and Religious of many different orders in positive ways that we pray they will dedicate their life to Him in one of these single hearted ways. 

    We are so excited to see what the Lord will do next in our lives. He is amazing and His Mercy is everlasting!

   We are so thankful for our time in St. Lucia and all the friends we have made. We have enjoyed serving here and St. Lucia will always be in our prayers.



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