Back at Big Woods

What an incredible two weeks we had in Louisiana.  Coming back has made us realize just how important community is for us.  We arrived the day of Mission Formation.  Every Wednesday, friends in the area come for mass or praise and worship,  fellowship and reports from FMC missionaries. 

St. Nicks 001

John Paul leading praise and worship

St. Nicks 002

Frank, Gennie, and Joseph Summers

St. Nicks 003St. Nicks 093


St. Nicks 087

St. Nicks 013St. Nicks 100

St. Nicks 095

Over the next week we enjoyed being all together before everyone left for the holidays.

St. Nicks 016

back porch at the Big House

St. Nicks 020

St. Nicks 024

St. Nicks 035St. Nicks 040


St. Nicks 079St. Nicks 053

St. Nicks 082St. Nicks 081

We spent one morning at the Nursing home visiting and singing

Mark's B-day 011

Mark's B-day 005

Our friend visiting from St. Lucia led songs with Esther


Mark’s Birthday

What a blessed day for Mark.  This morning, Monsignor (our priest visiting  from St. Lucia) offered the intentions of mass for Mark and afterward gave him a blessing for the his next year of his life. Then by chance we (the missionaries on base) received free tickets to Acadian village. So we all met together for pizza and birthday cake

Mark's B-day 012

Mark's B-day 013

Mark's B-day 014

And a couple of pictures from the Village.  At night everything is covered with Christmas lights.

Mark's B-day 015

A Blacksmith comes and gives demonstrations

Mark's B-day 016