“The Lord carried you, as a man carries his child, all along the road you traveled” Deuteronomy 1:31 (Part 2)

A month ago I attempted to write a blog post about this past year and all I ended up publishing was the scripture verse above. There is so much to write about God’s faithfulness, so much I want to share, so much I don’t want to forget. When we left for Mexico earlier this Spring with thought it would take 4 or 5 days and 12 days later we arrived. It was a difficult and taxing trip with multiple blow outs on the trailer and truck, I was ready to go back home to Oregon so many times. It was a test of faith and it was rewarded by an amazing mission in Mexico. At the time I imagined this would be the hardest time of the year. Our God teaches us to remember the bad times in the Good and the Good in the bad. I never imagined that we would be IMAG0911lighting a candle tonight for Infant Loss Awareness month….

We are still processing all that has happened since leaving Mexico and the end of the pregnancy with so many Doctor visits, those wonderful 40 hours with our son…We know our loving Father is so Good, so many suffer injustice, the results of sin in the world are incomprehensible, but the Good News of Jesus Christ is that there is Hope.

Hope for Mercy.

Hope to give Mercy.

Hope to receive Mercy.

The Lord is patient and truly He carries us as we live in this valley of tear. Yes there are many good things here, but all will seem as tears when we arrive in the Joys of Heaven.

Lord, lets us never loose focus of the Good News and live it and share it so that many will enter your Kingdom, especially the lowest, the lost, the least. Let us see you in them and treat them accordingly.


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