Pictures from Nicaragua

These Photos are backwards in the timeline starting with the celebrations

of Our Lady of Guadelupe more or less working backwards


The community came over for prayers and a modest meal to celebrate the day



Cooking the rice dish


Dishing out the 150 servings for the celebration



A manger scene the kids made with Bing


The kids love this tree, they call it the “family tree”


Visiting an orphanage with Kendal







what some of the roads look like, they are made of stone cut from compacted volcano ash


Very typical wall


so much green beauty



Looking down at the mission house from the the “Family tree”


more looking to the right


Douglas working on a cell phone booster because communication with the world can be difficult here


all the kids were blessed by the “babies” that arrived not long after we did


St. Nicolas day and Advent prep



this is where chocolate comes from


these are some more “babies” that arrived after we did, Dogs are very sickly as most people can afford meds for animals.
The kids put their money together to buy worm medicine for after the baths


more beauty


Novena for the Purisima


small meal for the Novena




Ninoska cooking the rice dish over fire






the kids love working in their “Castle”
6 found so far







first week of Advent


even in Nicaragua, possums. This one was living in a banana clump


back view of the mission house


some of the old buildings that make up the “Castle area” Paul hopes this will become a chapel


transportation, we hope to buy our own vehicle that is large enough for us all inside


local transportation is cheap but not roomy, including us I think there were 18 people in this Microbus


Laundry is done by hand here



the neighbor’s parrot got loose




Sometimes we eat in the park after mass on Sunday



Church at KU “Kieser University”
The church in San Marcos

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