Practical Physical Needs

There are many groups out there asking for money, so many good causes. We would be happy for you to support us in missions financially, but we understand so here is a list of some non financial ideas, both Spiritual and Physical ways you could help.


  • Prayer  —  This is not a glib request or something we just have to put down here. We need hundreds of people committed to prayer. We can have the best thought out plan but if the Lord does not build the house we build in vain. We only want to do what the Lord wants us to, but as sinful and broken people, we need to be His instruments with ears constantly listening with humility to His guidance.
  • Fasting — Along with prayer if we have people committed to fasting the mission could bear amazing fruit. Please send us an email if you can commit to regular prayer and(or)fasting.

Physical (updates January 17th)

  • We could still use some suitcases   —  Do you have an old set of suitcases that have been in your attic for awhile? Have you even gotten a new set? When we fly Southwest we can check 2 each. We hope to bring some of the things we find hard to get in Nicaragua in these bags. Things like tools or a printer, some school books and eventually we hope to bring our Cast Iron Cookware.
  • Household goods —  We will be setting up a new household so we will need everything, most of which we can get down there, obviously, because “people already live there” as a wise man once told me. However, items such as sheets, towels, pots and pans are very poor quality.  We are living at a Guadalupe Gardens.
  • Medical Supplies — In every mission post we have been too, we have been able to bring medical supplies and since we won’t fill 10 bags with stuff we need it is common to bring this type of thing down.  There are little clinics and hospitals that are not subsidized by their government and the extra supplies we can bring are very appreciated.
  • Signal Booster — We need internet for our business and the most cost-effective way is through our cell phones.
  • Seeds — If you garden you know it seems you end up with extra seeds and then they just sit in the garden box till next year and happen to be there for the next year….well you could send them to us 🙂
  • Spanish Books are very expensive here.  We would love to have children’s resources in spanish.

Please check back from time to time and see if there is anything new. If you have questions about something you think might be useful shoot us an email: