It is hard to imagine rationed water and electricity, not having a our own vehicle to go where we want when we want, not having decent roads and health care available, not having many grocery stores to choose from and being stocked with food. These conveniences are a wealth that we still at times take for granted. A life overseas serving the poor is a life very poor by the standards of the developed world. As people who come from the developed world we had to come to grips with our identity, being considered poor in the US and very wealthy in the developing world.

       In Nicaragua our community water comes once a week, most of the weeks. We are privileged to be able to buy “extra” water to meet our needs, but it is still a precious commodity. Part of our mission is to be a bridge of understanding for those who have no voice to people of good will who just don’t know.  Sometimes it is hard to imagine the life of a family in a developing world.  Lazareth sits outside the doors of the U.S. desiring to eat what falls from our table (Luke 16:19-31). Many people enter the U.S. “illegally” hoping for a better life. We not only desire to be bridge to help people in the developed world to understand the lives of their fellow brothers and sisters and also to actually live and work in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua and attempt to create job and business opportunities with your help.

      If you would like to be updated on our activities with the mission Apostolate we are a part of,  A Simple House, sends out a newsletter 4 – 6 times a year and you are welcome to be on our mailing list.

      We especially need monthly donors, even $10 a month is a huge help.  If you would like to support us and A Simple House with financial donations please click this link below

If you would like a list of our practical physical needs click here

Peace and All Things Good

Thank You and God Bless!

The Eckstine Family




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