“A Simple House has a very special vocation to relying on divine providence, and this vocation gives us lean times and fat time. It creates feasts and fasts. The secret to being content through these times is to see the good in each and embrace each one as it comes from the hand of God.”

         We have wanted for years to help others improve their lives and spread the Gospel at the same time but our own attachments kept us from so many simple ways we could have been. When we made the radical decision to sell all and enter a life of missions we had a limited understanding of what it meant to live in Solidarity with the poor.  Really what good would that do? But as we have lived it we have found that there is a connection not otherwise made with those we seek to evangelize and we find our hearts grow as we let go of things.

Poverty is freedom. It is a freedom so that what I possess doesn’t own me, so that what I possess doesn’t hold me down, so that my possessions don’t keep me from sharing or giving of myself.

Rigorous poverty is our safeguard.
Bl. Teresa of Calcutta No Greater Love

         It is hard to imagine rationed water and electricity, not having a our own vehicle to go where we want when we want, not having decent roads and health care available, not having many grocery stores to choose from and being stocked with food. These conveniences are a wealth that we still at times take for granted. A life overseas serving the poor is a life very poor by the standards of the developed world. As people who come from the developed world we had to come to grips with our identity, being considered poor in the US and very wealthy in the developing world.

       In Nicaragua our community water comes once a week, most of the weeks. In other communities the government turns on the water in their pipes every 4 days or 8 day. We are privileged to be able to buy “extra” water to meet our needs, but it is still a precious commodity. Part of our mission is to be a bridge of understanding for those who have no voice to people of good will who just don’t know.  Sometimes it is hard to imagine the life of a family in a developing world.

       Lazareth sits outside the doors of the U.S. desiring to eat what falls from our table (Luke 16:19-31). Many people enter the U.S. “illegally” hoping for a better life. We not are not trying to be bridge to help people in the developed world to see and understand the lives of their fellow brothers and sisters in developing nations but also to live and work in solidarity as Christ did when He became a human. Our mission goes beyond solidarity with the people of Nicaragua by building opportunity through our work in progress the workshop, Grimio San Jose and later as God wills a commercial Kitchen to be called Santa Maria’s Cocina. These initiatives attempt to create job and business opportunities and inspire dreams with your help.

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Peace and All Things Good

Thank You and God Bless!

The Eckstine Family




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